Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - New Zealand

Thought it was about time NZ had its own website on CRPS/RSD so welcome to the first CRPS-NZ website, here we will discuss all things about CRPS/RSD .


Give a little is an online fundraiser for people in New Zealand, all the money raised goes to the cause. Currently we have 2 people with CRPS in New Zealand fundraising for different things, if you would like to give a little it would be very much appreciated :)

The first one is Anne - due to the turn in the economy, Grace's father has been made redundant and her mother has CRPS and can not currently work, so they are fundraising to keep Grace at ABC, she is a gifted dancer and it would be a shame if her dream could not come true. To find our more or to make a donation click "HERE".

"We are raising funds to keep Grace at the ACB for her 2nd year. Having had an outstanding first year she also tackled both NZ yr13 & Adv Dip in Performance Arts. Unsure of what next year’s costs will be we need to raise as much money as we possibly can.

Thank you for looking at our fundraiser for Grace. Every little bit helps. This year our family have been to hell and back.2 redundancies and a mum with CRPS make it very hard to keep a gifted student at school. We are doing everything we can to make this dream of Graces into a reality".


The second one is Ailsa - she is currently fundraising for a medical assistance dog - to find out more or make a donation click "HERE"

"I developed CRPS in 2005 and have been in chronic pain 24/7 ever since. Every day is a struggle and since 2009 when my CRPS began affecting my vision, I have broken numerous bones from falling over and walking into things. A medical assistance dog would increase my independence and quality of life.

It costs $20,000 to raise and train an assistance dog and as Assistance Dogs NZ rely solely on donations I would like to ask for your help in helping them help me. ADNZ are training one of their dogs for me - but they need our support to make this happen"!